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About me

I am a London based wedding photographer, I cater for weddings, private events, portraits and any general photographic need. I am mostly passionate about Wedding photography and capturing that perfect moment that will be a memory for years to come without blowing the budget. My passion with photography started when I had my own big fat Asian wedding. I sat and looked at my wedding photography and pin pointed what I liked and didn’t like about the positions, angles and techniques. That got me pondering whether I should get into photography myself. Two years on, that is exactly what I done. I got myself a camera, attended a few workshops and courses and now here I am starting my photography journey to capture your precious moments. I work on the vision that as a photographer it is important to act like a guest; to get stuck in and capture the shots that reflect the fun, laughter, happiness and real emotions.

I cater for all types of photography needs, including Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christian weddings. We have great packages to suit all your needs and can be tailored around your budget. We also offer cinematography services with our great freelancers that will capture and create your own Hollywood style wedding movie making sure you are the star of the movie.

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